Motorhome tour: interior

As promised, here are a bunch of pictures of the interior of our 2017 Tiffin Allegro Bus 40SP motorhome. I’ll probably do a separate post sometime with photos of the basement compartments, and other details.

These pictures are from when initially took a look at the coach. It’s a bit of a mess at present as we move in; I’ll probably do a followup post once we’re settled in.

Firstly, to help orient you, here’s a floor plan (note that the living room layout is a bit different):

40SP floorplan

The entry door and steps (the exterior steps automatically slide out when the door is opened); welcome aboard:

Entry door and steps

In front of the passenger chair is a pull-out workstation surface:

Passenger workstation


Passenger workstation

The driver cockpit:

Driver cockpit

The living area:

Living area

The L-shaped couch and ottoman; we plan to remove and store this, and replace it with our nice recliners; we’ll also remove the couch opposite it (seen above) and replace that with a desk:


Dining table (it can be pulled out to extend it a bit):

Dining table

On the right of the dining sideboard is a keyboard tray drawer, for a computer workstation; probably where I will work:

Keyboard tray

Residential refrigerator and freezer:

Residential refrigerator

Pull-out pantry shelves:

Pull-out pantry shelves

The kitchen:


Pull-out counter:

Pull-out counter

Drawer dishwasher (made by NZ company Fisher & Paykel):

Drawer dishwasher

Dual sinks, with covers when more counter space is desired:


Induction cooktop:

Induction cooktop

Convection microwave, that can be used as a normal microwave or as a convection oven:

Convection microwave

Half bath; yes, this coach has two porcelain toilets:

Half bath



Tiltable king bed (with way too many cushions; we’ve stored all of these):

Tiltable king bed

Bedroom TV and cabinets:

Bedroom TV and cabinets


Moving into the bathroom, the sink:

Bathroom sink

Washer and dryer:

Washer and dryer



I stood in the shower; a little cramped, and I might hit my head on the rain shower head, so I might see if I can raise that up a bit:

David in shower

The above pictures were with the four slides out; when traveling down the road, the slides are retracted, which makes things much more cramped.

Here’s the living room with slides in; it’s difficult to get past the couches, another reason why we plan to remove them:

Living room with slides in

Dining and kitchen with slides in; not so bad. We’re able to get to the fridge and half-bath pretty easily, once past the couches — great for rest stops:

Dining and kitchen with slides in

Bedroom with slides in; not really possible to get past the bed without climbing over it, but that’s fine:

Bedroom with slides in

Stay tuned for more pictures of our coach!

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