Motorhome tour: basement compartments

We just spent five nights in Yellowstone, without any internet access (or shower). It was quite pleasant… well, not so much the no shower part, but that was fine. Now we’re in Missoula, MT for a night (and a shower), on our way home.

Since we have Wi-Fi at the campground, I thought I’d do one more post touring our new motorhome, again using photos from when we first bought it. This time, the basement compartments. It has quite a lot going on under the floor. I’ll post about our Yellowstone trip later.

But first, an exterior compartment that isn’t under the floor; the outside TV and sound bar:

Exterior TV

Starting at the passenger-side front, here’s the basement fridge or freezer (it can do either, by setting the temperature):

Basement fridge or freezer

One of two full-width slide-out trays:

Slide-out tray

The trays are slid out and in via a switch on the door:

Slide-out tray control

Inside the storage compartments, you can see through to the other side, with a raised rail beam down the center. Plus what looks like a speaker? Not sure about that:


The second slide-out tray, with an electrical outlet:

Second slide-out tray

Next, a smaller compartment, plus the central vacuum container (yes, there’s a central vac):

Smaller compartment

Air hose and slide room hydraulic compartments:

Air and hydraulic compartments

Chassis batteries and electronics, powering the vehicle side of the coach:

Chassis batteries and electronics

Engine compartment (at the back; it’s a “diesel pusher”, as the diesel engine pushes the coach down the road):

Engine compartment


Engine compartment

Around to the driver side, the surge protector and 50 amp power cord reel (with powered winder):

Power cord reel

The wet bay, with water filter, outdoor shower, black (toilet) and grey (sink) sewer outlet, and water hose reel (also with a powered winder):

Wet bay

The Aqua-Hot hydronic heat system, that uses diesel or electricity to provide heat, continuous hot water, and pre-heat the engine:

Aqua-Hot compartment

Above one of the storage bays from the driver side; the auto-generator starter and the electrical inverter, that provides 110V power from the batteries:


Speaking of, the house batteries, that provide power when not hooked up to “shore power” via the electrical cord:

House batteries

There are six house batteries (currently flooded cell, but we may change them to AGM or lithium someday):

House batteries

At the front of the driver side, a bunch of electrical breakers and such:


Behind the front cap of the coach, where a gas-powered RV would have its engine, is instead the 10,000 watt generator, which slides out for servicing:


I hope you were fascinated by this tour under our coach!